1. places

    Live chat at any location. Create a room for a festival, a stadium or your favorite nightlife spot.

    Location based chat rooms at places around you
  2. socials

    Socials are interest based rooms. Rather than having a physical location, socials exist virtually in every city allowing you to create a room for your baseball team or just for you and your friends. Invite anyone to your public or private social.

    Socialize with those who share your interests
  3. private

    Start a private one-on-one chat with anyone to continue the conversation. Follow other users to join in on their conversations.

    Start a private chat to continue the conversation
  4. about us

    We've always felt something was missing from the social scene.

    As connected as we are to everyone, we've lost touch with the people around us; trading personal conversation for a hashtag and a tweet. We wanted to put real-time conversation back in the hands of today's increasingly mobile public. Solving this problem, while respecting your privacy is what and remains the mantra of hippysocial.

    the team

    product/user experience
    product/user experience
    product/user experience
    James Davis
    product/user experience
    Vlas Voloshin
    iPhone developer
    Vladimir Kuriev
    Backend developer
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      We've always felt something was missing from the social scene. Everyone is connected, yet we've never been more passive in history. Solving this problem, while respecting privacy is what brough hippysocial to the scene.